My Patreon Page
    Many have asked why change the site.
    The main reason the site was because of a server move.
    I wrote this website in 2008 and the source code to some of the components was lost. The server on where it was hosted was scheduled to be take down. I had to move the website in a hury. So, I kept what I could and did the best I could.

    That said, I think it was due for a major overhall and while rushing to get this done I did make some changes.
    The city change will help the rest of New Mexico as the site has been primarily Albuquerque.
    Getting the site to look good on cell phones was the other enhancement needed.

    Thank you to all those who continue to use the site. It will only get better.

    P.S. If you find anything wrong with the site that is not listed here. Please report them to me.